IAPS UL scientists have been actively writing project applications, as a result of which many new projects are starting this year.
Of these, two post-doctoral research support program (POSTDOC) projectshave started on May 1st:

 ZnO / porphyrin modelEquipment diagram

The aim of the project is to develop new optical sensor elements based on ZnO-porphyrin for the detection of volatile organic compounds, such as aromatic and organic acids, in nanostructures. The main goal of the project is to adjust the sensitive and selective properties of the composite by optimizing the selective porphyrin layer (non-metallic and metal-containing porphyrins).

This post-doctoral project (GoBVM) aims to increase the use of biophotonics in veterinary medicine. An extensive literature review and an interdisciplinary panel of experts will identify key veterinary issues that could be addressed by biophotonics. Some of them will be considered during the proposed project using existing and self-developed biophotonics technologies (infrared thermometer, multichannel photoplethysmography (PPG), hyperspectral imaging, optical coherence tomography).

The post-doctoral research support program is a financial instrument of the European Regional Development Fund aimed at developing the research capacity and careers of young researchers (post-doctoral students).