Head of laboratory – prof. Jānis Spīgulis

Main directions of scientific work:

Development of optical methods and devices for medical and technological applications.

  • early non-invasive skin cancer diagnostics and classification of skin lesions using multispectral diffuse reflectance and autofluorescence imaging techniques combined with artificial neural network analysis;
  • early detection of sepsis on the knees using multispectral imaging techniques;
  • contactless photoplethysmography imaging to monitor the time of exposure to anesthesia;
  • assessment and presentation of oxygen saturation in the skin;
  • laser beam contrast imaging for microbial growth analysis;
  • time-resolved diffuse reflectance and in vivo skin autofluorescence using time-dependent single-photon counting;
  • detection of counterfeit currency by multispectral imaging techniques.

Promotional activities: