During this time, the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of the University of Latvia and the Laboratory of High-Resolution Spectroscopy and Light Source Technology focuses on data processing and cooperation with foreign partners.

Laboratory of high-resolution spectroscopy and light source technology In cooperation with Russia (AV Agrafenin: Senior research scientist, Scientific research and educational center of biomedical technology, All-Russia Institute of Official and Aromatic Plants "VILAR", Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences-Moscow), are solving the inverse uncorrected problem, as well as the first calculations of the Raman spectrum to remove the fluorescence background were performed.

Current main works of the laboratory:

  • Adapting the program to a specific task (MathCad environment).
  • Development of data processing algorithm.
  • Application of deconvolution procedure using Tikhonov regularization.

In cooperation with our own Biophotonics laboratory, the first calculations of photon pathways for the diagnosis of skin formations are performed.

Deconvolution procedures using Tikhonov regularization are used in the calculations. To calculate the path of the photon, a special program was created in MathCad environment, where data processing takes place with a specific algorithm.

At the same time, the laboratory continues its work in the diagnostics of high-frequency electrodeless lamps, analyzing the radiated and, obtained by solving the inverse incorrect problems, spectral lines.

The Laboratory of Theoretical Physics is actively working on writing new project applications and publications.

With partners from Vilnius, a publication is being created about the current cooperation within the COST activity CA16221: “Quantum Technologies with Ultracold Atoms”.

Asodora Velchev Kirov as representative of GENERAL  (“Gender Equality Network in the European Research Area”) from Latvia, participated in the annual conference. The conference was scheduled for Rome, 22-23. April, even thoe the opportunity to meet in person was cancelled, the conference took place on the Zoom platform with music and pictures, maintaining the theme of Italy. The conference was attended by more than 30 international participants discussing GENERAL last year's achievements and future development plans in various fields related to gender equality and possibilities in physics field.