Project title:

Portable Device for Early Contactless Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

Project contract number:

Project implementation deadline:

01.03.2017 – 30.04.2019

Total project funding:

648 586,73 EUR

Research manager:

Aleksejs Ļihačovs (March – December 2017) (Biophotonics laboratory)

Ilona Kuzmina (from January 2018) (Biophotonics laboratory)

About the project:

The project aims to develop and clinically test a new type of portable device and cloud computing service for early diagnosis of skin melanoma and other cancers (basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer), post-operative scar monitoring and early detection of tumor recurrence. The diagnostic process will consist of obtaining spectral and fluorescent images, wireless data transmission over a cellular network, image processing in a cloud service, and remote access to diagnostic results. For non-contact skin diagnostics, methods of displaying diffuse reflectance and fluorescence photo-fading parameters under specific skin light will be combined. The prototype device and cloud computing service will be clinically tested on a variety of malignant and benign skin formations at the Latvian Oncology Center and physician practice sites. The development of such device will significantly improve the availability of early diagnosis and post-operative monitoring of skin cancer, increasing the life expectancy and quality of human life. The research team of the project will consist of experienced biophotonics, electronics and oncology experts, as well as young scientists from the University of Latvia (UL) and Riga Technical University (RTU).