Project title:

Multimodal imaging technology for in-vivo diagnostics of skin malformations

Project contract number:

Project implementation deadline:

01.05.2019 – 30.04.2022

Total project funding:

 648 189,53 EUR, of which 374 653,54 EUR – from the ERDF

Research manager:

Dr. habil. fiz. Jānis Spīgulis (Biophotonics laboratory)

About the project:

The project aims at developing and multimodal combining three innovative skin imaging technologies – diffuse reflectance multispectral imaging, autofluorescence lifetime imaging, and Raman spectral imaging. As a result of the processing of these images, clinically significant concentration maps of the skin components – chromophores, fluorophores, and topical biomolecules – are obtained. The main task is to develop and clinically test a new skin non-invasive diagnostic technology that generates distribution maps of the above-mentioned molecular components for the test skin neoplasm and subsequently compares them to obtain more detailed information on the molecular structure of the neoplasm. The proposed multimodal imaging technology will significantly increase the sensitivity, specificity and safety of in-vivo diagnostics of the skin, as well as promote early identification of skin pathologies (including skin cancers).