Project title:

"Multimodal optical technology for human circulation microcirculation monitoring"

Project contract number:


Project implementation deadline:

Phase 1: 01.04.2020. - 30.09.2020.

Phase 2: 01.12.2020.-30.06.2022. (extended until 30.09.2022.)

Total project funding:

Phase 1: 27 322,96 EUR, of which 24 590,67 EUR - ERDF support

Phase 2: 300 490,59 EUR, of which 270 441,53 EUR - ERDF support 

Research manager:

Dr. phys. Andris Grabovskis (Biophotonics laboratory)

About the project:

The project is implemented 1.2.1. Specific support objective “Increase private sector investment in R&D” Measure “Support for the Improvement of the Technology Transfer System”.

During the 6 months of the project implementation (Phase 1), a feasibility study will be carried out and commercialization strategies (TEP / KS) will be developed.

The establishment of the TEC / KS will create cooperation between dossier developers and scientists, who will provide developers with data, technological know-how support, and development control. The researchers involved will perform a preliminary technology combination test by replacing the research-level hyperspectral camera with a narrowband camera cluster to identify technological limitations and risks.

The 2 nd phase of the project aims to increase the technology TRL to TRL8 in the form of experimental development and to carry out tasks in accordance with the Commercialisation Strategy.

A complete pre-commercial prototype system will be developed for the provision of end-user-clinic personnel with technology at that level, in accordance with the following experimental development activities:

• developing a prototype device for patient investigation,

• developing an image data processing algorithm,

• Validation of the prototype in the physiology laboratory.

On the other hand, the commercialisation of technology is intended to take the following steps:

• economic calculations, including the viability of the business model and the strengthening of intellectual property.

• marketing activities, public communication,

• developing a commercialisation offer. Development of a plan for granting industrial property rights to spin-off.