Project title:

"Technological research to create the next generation small-sized 100 keV boron ion implantation device with TRL level close to 4 "

Project contract number:

Project partners:

SIA "Baltic Scientific Instruments"

Project implementation deadline:

36 month (01.05.2020. – 30.04.2023.)

Total project funding:

648 000 EUR, from ERAF – 374 544 EUR

Research manager:

Dr.fiz. Arnolds Ūbelis (Laboratory of Atomic and Atmospheric Physics and Photochemistry)

Project administrator:

Dr.chem. Valdis Avotiņš

About the project:

The general goal is to develop a new generation of implantation technologies and relevant laboratory equipment with the ultimate goal of producing and using them in Latvia and in the export market in the world in the future.

The project will develop the following innovative technologies in the form of a concept prototype:

  • creation of a boron ion beam source by combining different types of plasma type discharges in a special design, which will allow to miniaturize the equipment. Large-scale industrial implantation devices are currently available on the market, which also use toxic boron fluoride gas, which requires special care;
  • to accelerate the ions in the beam, it is intended to use the classical linear accelerator system quadrupole mass selector (QMS);
  • The innovations introduced in the technology will open up opportunities to reduce the energy consumption, size and manufacturing costs of the equipment.

The main achievable results of the project:

Number of scientific articles published in journals or conference proceedings included in Web of Science or SCOPUS (A or B) databases and the development and publication of which was supported within the project - 7. Of which original scientific articles published in journals or conference proceedings the citation index reaches at least 50 percent of the industry average citation index - 2.

Number of new products / technologies that can be commercialized and the development of which has been supported within the project - 1.

Prototypes of a new product / technology - 1.

Number of merchants cooperating with the research organization - 1.

Technology rights - patent - 1.