Project title:

Development of Optical Frequency Comb Generator Based on Whispering Gallery Mod Micro-Resonator and Its Applications in Telecommunications

Project contract number:

Project implementation deadline:

16.05.2019 – 15.05.2022

Total project funding:

648 000,00 EUR, of which 374 544,00 EUR – from the ERDF

Research manager:

Dr. fiz. Jānis Alnis (Quantum optics laboratory)

About the project:

The overall objective is to study what contributes to the goals of Latvia's smart specialization strategy, the development of human capital in science and technology, and the generation of new knowledge to improve competitiveness in the economy.

The specific objective is to gain new knowledge of whispering gallery mode resonator optical frequency combs (WCOMBs) and to develop, construct and test a comb generator prototype for telecommunications applications.