Project title:

"Development of novel methods for coherent control of atomic energy levels beyond the limit of spectral resolution"

Project contract number:


Project implementation deadline:

01.01.2020. - 31.12.2022.

Total project funding:

300 000,00 EUR

Research manager:

Kaspars Mičulis (Laboratory of Atomic and Atmospheric Physics and Photochemistry)

Project administrator:

Inga Šīrante

About the project:

There are multiple aims for the project:

  • To study the effect of strong laser radiation on atomic energy levels with hyperstructure. To study the groups of dark and light states, as well as the variable properties of states that are formed as a result of the interaction of multilevel systems with cohort radiation.
  • To develop methods for cohesive switching of quantum state populations using the phenomenon of quantum interference. Calculations using Landau-Zener-Stukelberg interferometry and STIRAP method and its modifications.
  • To investigate the possibility of using STIRAP methods for selective excitation of modifications of spectrally indeterminate levels of hyperstructure. The ability to selectively switch populations from a selected base-level hyperstructure component to the Rydberg state would have a variety of applications, such as the storage of quantum information.